Top 10 Ways Stay Gluten Free During The Holidays

I want to say I’ve listed these in order of importance, but I haven’t.  All of the points are valid and worthy of a #1 spot, so to be fair I’ve entered theses in no particular order.  Please enjoy my randomly listed Top 10 Ways to Stay Gluten Free During The Holidays: 10.  Offer to make gluten free versions … More Top 10 Ways Stay Gluten Free During The Holidays

Chicken Stew

On a cold rainy day there’s nothing better than a big hot bowl of hearty stew to warm you up.  Since there’s no shortage of cold rainy days in the spring I thought this old favourite would make a great dinner tonight.  The nice thing about making a stew is the flexibility of the dish, just … More Chicken Stew

Soft Giant Pretzels

Soft Giant Pretzels can be found in shopping malls, at carnivals and in street vendor carts.  They’re a beautiful balance between soft, buttery and salty goodness.  Traditionally these are sprinkled with coarse salt, but you can switch up the flavour by topping them with yummy things like cinnamon sugar, cheese, sesame seeds or even mustard. … More Soft Giant Pretzels