Gluten-Free Cereal: There is such a thing… and it be damn yummy!

When I began my journey into the land of gluten-free food I found that all of the cereals I used to love were now off limits. My heart broke a little.  I searched through the cereal aisle, reading the nutritional information and box after box was the same: WHEAT.

I ventured further down the cereal aisle, to the “natural section”, that’s where I found Nature’s Path, Mesa Sunrise.  The hippie-like eco-pack was kinda weird at first, I mean the only “bagged” cereal I’ve ever had was this horrendous puff wheat cereal my parents bought when I was a kid (which apparently they’re still buying cause I spotted a bag in their kitchen on my last visit).  The Mesa Sunrise was surprisingly yummy! I was in cereal heaven.  The crunchy flakes satiated my need for cereal!

I was happy, but then one day I saw a commercial for CHEX.  Honey Nut Chex!  The tag line was “something something Chex is gluten-free”.  My jaw dropped and I knew I found an even yummier answer to my cereal cravings.  My first bowl of Honey Nut Chex hooked me.  For a “sweet” cereal a 3/4 cup serving is surprisingly low in sugar (10g) and calories (130).  Since I eat pretty healthy and don’t consume sugary products, I don’t mind the amount of sugar in the cereal.  The bonus is that Chex actually has vitamins & other healthy stuff in it — surprisingly MUCH MORE than Mesa Sunrise has.

I suppose at some point I’ll eat so much of it I’ll just get tired of it and go in search of something else, but for now, I’m a Happy Lady.  I still have the occasional bow of Mesa Sunrise, but for the most part I’m eating those yummy sweet Chex pillows.

mmmmmmm, Chex *drool*


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