Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The 5 hour road trip was a lot of fun.  As predicted we stopped for dinner en route.  Wendy’s chilli and a chicken salad was the perfect pre-race dinner.

Since the race began at 8am I knew I’d need to be having breakfast around 6am… also knew that hotel room service or the restaurant in the hotel lobby wouldn’t be available at that time.  To stay on top of my nutritional needs I decided to just bring my own food (which is exactly why I always book a hotel room with fridge).  After a yummy breakfast of a boiled egg, some fat-free cottage cheese and a banana I felt properly fueled and ready for the race.


The race itself went great.  Despite some serious heat & humidity I did pretty well.  It wasn’t till later that I found out that I placed first in my weight class and third in my age category!!  Yay, GOLD & BRONZE!! I couldn’t have been happier.

After crossing the finish line I went straight to the Tzone and lay in the grass next to my bike.  I ate a banana, drank a lot of water and polished off the rest of my Sharkies chews.  I also ate one of the fruit & nut bars that were included in my race kit.  This bit of food was necessary, but I knew I’d need a proper meal soon.

Proper nutrition doesn’t end just because the race is over.  After an endurance race my body is craving carbs and protein, so I do my best to give it what it needs.  A protein salad just wasn’t going to cut it.  I needed lean protein and carbs.  I did some googling and found an East Side Mario’s.  Most of the menu is off limits, but there are some yummy gluten-free options.  I decided to have the half-chicken dinner with roasted potatoes.  This was indeed my Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

It.  Was.  SO!  GOOD!  Needless to say I devoured the entire plate!


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