Gluten Free Dining, So Confusing… For Some.

I’ve bee MIA for a while…. what can I say, I let the holidays and my trip to the Mayan Riviera take over… so let’s get back at it my pretties, shall we?

Now, I realize that gluten free food might be some what of a mystery to those that are not celiacs or have a sensitivity to gluten.  I personally don’t find it that confusing.  Fruits, veggies, meats and dairy are gluten free.  Anything made with flour is not.  Yes, yes, I can already hear some of you saying, “oooh, you’re forgetting dextrin, and other thickeners”.  I’m not.  I’m also not forgetting those stray gluteny things, like beer and soya sauce (both of which can be made gluten free).  For the most part though, one simple way of spotting that culprit, Gluten, is to ask yourself, “Is there flour in this thing I’m about to shovel into my face?”.

This is what I asked myself when I was out to lunch yesterday and noticed the roasted red pepper soup on the menu.  I know this is a thicker soup, and there was cream listed, so I figured there was little chance that there would be flour in this soup.  But, since I always err on the side of caution when dining out I decided to just ask the waitress if the soup had any flour in it.  She looked so puzzled, so I quickly added, “Is it gluten free?”  She replied with, “No, it’s not gluten free, the base of the soup of chicken stock.”  As a foodie who loves to cook I could tell immediately that the poor girl was confused.  I then said, “Your chicken stock is not gluten free?”.  She stood her ground and confirmed that yes, indeed their chicken stock is not gluten free.  I smiled and asked her to just check with the chef and make sure.  When she returned from the kitchen she said to me, “The chef says the soup is actually made with vegetable stock, so YES, it is gluten free!”.  Since I didn’t want spit in my soup I smiled again, thanked her for checking and ordered a bowl.  The soup was simply amazing and totally worth the mind blowing conversation I had to endure to get it.  I’m not sure what the waitress thinks gluten is, but clearly she must think it has something to do with chicken??  **sigh** It’s a good thing that girl is pretty, I suppose.


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