Top 10 Ways Stay Gluten Free During The Holidays

I want to say I’ve listed these in order of importance, but I haven’t.  All of the points are valid and worthy of a #1 spot, so to be fair I’ve entered theses in no particular order.  Please enjoy my randomly listed Top 10 Ways to Stay Gluten Free During The Holidays: 10.  Offer to make gluten free versions … More Top 10 Ways Stay Gluten Free During The Holidays

Chicken Stew

On a cold rainy day there’s nothing better than a big hot bowl of hearty stew to warm you up.  Since there’s no shortage of cold rainy days in the spring I thought this old favourite would make a great dinner tonight.  The nice thing about making a stew is the flexibility of the dish, just … More Chicken Stew

Thin Crust Pizza

Pizza is such a yummy treat.  Unfortunately many commercial gluten-free pizzas leave much to be desired in terms of texture and flavour.  This recipe for dough turns out light, fluffy and chewy — just the way pizza should be.  If you desire a harder or drier crust then just leave it in the oven a … More Thin Crust Pizza