Gluten Free Hors D’oeuvres – Not Tonight!

Last night I attended an event.  It was a VIP cocktail party, with classical music being played live and hor d’oeuvres floating by.  As we’ve already discussed, wine is gluten free.  So there was no issue there.  The food however, as always, was a bit of a pain.  Like a thirsty (wo)man staring at the ocean, I realized there was nothing I could eat!  Though the catering was done by one of the more popular and reputable ones in the city, the food that was available was mostly bread-based.


I’ve attended other functions catered by this particular company, and they had a variety of delicious treats that I could enjoy without concern.  So I know they’re capable of creating safe foods — not just gluten-y ones.  I guess the organizers of this particular soiree simply decided to go with foods that were largely focused or based on bread or breading.  *sigh*  One of the kinder hearted servers did send a platter of shrimp hor d’oeuvres my way, so I did manage to eat two tiger shrimp, but really if this was their entire gluten-free option they were seriously lacking in terms of a variety of foods.

How hard is it to provide options that everyone can eat?  Really?! Really??!!  Cheese.  Shrimp.  Scallops. Bacon wrapped water chestnuts.  It’s not rocket science.  There are tons of options and possibilities available, but only if event hosts are able to open their mind and move beyond the traditional smoked salmon on pumpernickel, or the god forsaken egg roll.

Maybe I judge harshly because I manage events professionally.  Or maybe I just judge harshly because I’m tired of seeing nothing but bready amuse bouches thrusted at me.


One thought on “Gluten Free Hors D’oeuvres – Not Tonight!

  1. Have definitely been there, know the feeling. It gets tiring to always have to fend for yourself, and bring your own snacks/food to a hosted party. Slowly but surely, we’ll change habits.

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