G-Free Lunch, Hold the Salad!

A gluten-free lunch doesn’t mean you’re having a salad.  At this point I’m actually getting quite sick of salads.  Lettuce + Protein = Yawn.  Been there.  Done That.  Way way too many times.

Most days I tend to brown bag it and bring something yummy and heathy from home for lunch.  I’d like to provide some kind of mind blowingly creative lunch recipe for my loyal readers, but the truth is, I prefer to keep my lunches simple.

Today’s lunch consisted of yogurt and fruit.  A Danone Silhouette yogurt, 2 nectarines and a grapefruit.  It can be as simple as that when preparing a safe gluten-free lunch.  Some days I like to bring something a little more substantial, but most days fruit and yogurt is more than enough.  Grapefruit is one of my favourite things to bring to work.  I peel it like an orange and devour it within minutes.  I remember being a child and enjoying grapefruit cut in half, and loaded with sugar.  Oh my how I piled on the sugar!  It’s a wonder I didn’t develop diabetes.  Now the thought of ruining a perfect grapefruit with even a speck of sugar turns my stomach.  It’s a beautiful fruit, loaded with phytochemicals, lycopene, vitamin C and other oh-so-good-for-you things!

I suppose at this point I should add that my breakfasts are usually loaded with protein and calcium (usually a boiled egg with fat-free cottage cheese, all kinda mixed together).  So having a “lighter” lunch isn’t a big deal.  Since maintaining a balanced diet is so important, dinner is always lean protein with veggies of some kind and a tinsy bit of starch.  Unless I’m fueling for a race, then its Carb City for me!

That reminds me… I’ve got shrimp in the freezer… and veggies in the fridge… and I just bought vermicelli rice noodles…. hhhhmmm, I feel a yummy dinner coming on!


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